Spousal Surveillance Frequently Ask Questions


Cost is the question everybody asks first. Here are the facts about the cost of our surveillance services;

All charges are based on the time and effort that is necessary for monitoring. We do not differentiate between nationality or origin of our customers.

Cost are quoted after our first interview with you and evaluating your specific needs. Sometimes we do a "Site Check" prior to our proposal. Site check is when we go to the place where we will be conducting surveillance to identify any potential difficulties at that particular place. 

It is impossible to quote a set price without knowledge of the case. You have to keep in mind every case is different. Cost, time and effort changes accordingly.

We always try to help our customers save money.

  • You can save money by; Less time needed to monitor.
  • You can save money by; Providing important information, pictures etc. If you provide all the information you have then you can minimize the time we spend figuring things out for ourselves.
  • You can save money by: The target being more local to our area. EX: Less driving time to monitor. We are central in Angeles City, Balibago area. But we do service nearby provinces like Capas, Mexico Pampanga etc.
  • You can save money by: Trusting us from the start. All investigations are CONFIDENTIAL. Our interest in confidence is just as important as yours. Our investigators are all "Under Cover". We don't want their identities broadcast the same as most of our customers don't want theirs broadcast. Our business depends on a confident relationship with our customers NOT the person we are monitoring.

To sum this up. We will do an interview online (usually) and then provide you with cost after or during the interview and sometimes after the site check. For our customers convenience, we have phone numbers in America and Australia. See our Contact Us page. 

How do I pay

We prefer Western Union, Money Gram or Wire Transfers,. But, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal (19% merchant fee applies).

A five full day retainer is required. We cant provide much reliable information in less time than five days unless we get very lucky. But, our customers are in charge of their time. We work the days that our customers specify. You dont need to use up your five days all at one time if that is the best thing to do in your paticular case.  

When paying by credit card, a signed invoice is required. "Your Signature Accepting Charges" to your credit card before doing any debits to your credit card.

We enter in your invoice into our accounting system, save it as a PDF file and email it to you for you to sign. Then you need to scan it and email it back to us. We have fax capabilities, but email is preferred. The documents are more legible.

Disputes over Charges

We are a customer oriented business that thrives on success of providing the best services obtainable to our customers. We plan to work with our customers that have disputes "Should they arise". To date, we have never had a customer with a dispute. All of our customers are amazed at the quality of services we provide. We always hear the same words. "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT"? If we get a dispute, we will deal with it when the time comes. Bottom line; We offer a top quality service and it is guaranteed.

Why didn't you take my case?

We do not take every case offered to us. Our service is to help people that may be being scammed or taken advantage of. Our service is subject to our personal moral values and approval at our discretion.

We do not take cases when the couple is broke up already. Fix your problems first.

We do not help people stalk their spouses for illegitimate reasons of any kind.

We do not help people with "Vengeance" on their minds.

All will be determined in the initial interview.

What do I get for my money?

We put 2-3 investigators on your case. Investigators will sometimes alternate shifts. We do this so not to blow their cover.

We provide you with a daily log of what, where, when and who is with the person that is under surveillance. 

The logs are updated daily or bi-daily. 

Keep in mind; False alarms are very damaging, therefore, we always make sure all the information is correct before submitting to you.

Do you do background checks?

No, Sorry we do not. We only do surveillance. 

Do I get pictures

Yes, we always provide our customers with video and image proof. See "Sample Video" below. 

Sample Video using a Spy Camera

Sample Video 2 Using a Spy Camera

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