Introducing SmartFuzz, Anti-Theft Software for Smartphones

The most advanced phone protection software available that protects your private data at the click of a button.

Have you ever:

  • - Had your phone stolen?
  • - Lost your phone?
  • - Dropped your phone in the toilet?
SmartFuzz Cell Phone Data Protection Software Features

SmartFuzz guarantees to protect your data whether the phone is lost, stolen or suffered water damage. You can access all the features from within the member control panel to create a secure backup of all data on the phone. You can also prevent the information being made public and track the location of the phone.

SmartFuzz Cell Phone Data Protection Features

SmartFuzz is a clever app designed to provide a secure backup of all data stored on your phone. Once installed, the features can be enabled or disabled via the member control panel. It can help locate lost and stolen phones, recover data from phones that suffered water damage and it is great for parental control.

The most notable SmartFuzz features include:

Remote Locking: You can remotely lock the phone by sending a pre-defined SMS message. This will lock the phone and prevent anyone accessing it. This will secure the data against being compromised and prevent thieves from knowing your identity. You can lock or unlock the phone easily through the member control panel.

Data Tracking: When data tracking is enabled all calls and SMS messages are logged on the server and you receive a notification email about them. This enables you to help the Police with their enquiries and make it easier for them to recover the phone.

Data Backup: SmartFuzz backs up all types of data stored on your phone. You can backup the data from the phone itself or do a remote backup through the member control panel. This makes it easy to import all the data onto a new phone and acts as a great safety measure against accidental water damage.

SIM Change Notification: If your phone is lost or stolen and anyone attempts to change the SIM card, you will receive an email notification detailing the new number. It will also ask for a PIN number to unlock it. This can be great information to provide to the Police so they can recover your phone.

GPS Tracking: GPS tracking can be enabled or disabled through the member control panel. If your phone is lost or stolen, an SMS message can be sent to the phone and you will be able to discover its location via Google Maps. In the case of stolen phones, this information would be very beneficial to the Police.

Customize Message: You can create a customized message that will appear on the phone when it is blocked. This can act as a warning to thieves that the Police have been notified and can help with the recovery of the phone.

Remote data wipe: You can remotely wipe any data stored on the phone through sending an SMS command message. Alternatively, you can use the member control panel to remotely wipe any stored data. This acts as a failsafe measure to prevent any sensitive data falling into the hands of thieves. You would then be able to use the backup to restore the data when the phone is back in your possession.

Device alarm: An audible alarm can also be remotely activated when your phone is lost or stolen. The alarm works even when the phone is on silent mode. This will deter thieves from accessing it and will help with recovering the phone.

Uninstall Protection: Password protection is enabled to prevent anyone other than you from uninstalling the software. This means SmartFuzz will keep working and help you or the Police locate the phone.

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