Privacy policy


Confidentiality is as important in any investigation as the success of the investigation itself. At Angeles City Cheaters we take your privacy very seriously. Clients of Angeles City Cheaters  should always know that any information they disclose to us is a secret and is never discussed with anybody other than the client him/herself.

Privacy is particularly important when it comes to matters of Cupid and infidelity. There is no room for error where one’s heart or emotions are concerned. It becomes even more important when finances are involved.

In 3 years in business Angeles City Cheaters has never had an issue with confidentiality. Any Private Investigator that does not take confidentiality seriously will not be in business very long.

Somtimes when speaking to customers, we may refer to a scenereo, but we never divulge confidential information. We do this for educational purposes because some of our customers just dont know what they are up against when dating in the Philippines. 

Confidentiality agreements are available for signing upon request.

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